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Invisible Backup Software for Corporate Networks.

Spend $39 on Automated Backup Tool or Keep Risking Your Data.

What do you expect from backup software? Reliability? Performance? May be both? If so, choose Action Backup, a one-stop solution to create data backups that’s great both for home and corporate use.

Make Backups Everywhere.

Creating backups is vital. Creating backups of all computers in the network from just one workstation is… awesome! And that’s what Action Backup does. With it, you can make backups from anywhere. Just ONE copy of the software on ONE computer means your entire network is now secured against data loss.

Better Security. Better Performance.

When it comes to backing up data, security and performance compete. Backing up more data means spending more time on the process. To resolve the issue, Action Backup features 3 backup modes: full backup for maximum security, incremental backup for maximum performance and differential backup for the balanced mix of both. Use any of these modes or all of them. Enjoy both security and performance you need.

Backup to Removable Storages or Network Disks.

With Action Backup you can make your data as secure as possible with its ability to double backups to CD/DVD, removable or flash drive, remote FTP server or another computer in the network. Create as many backups as you need for unbreakable security of your personal or business information, on as many devices as you want.

Easily Backup Files Currently in Use.

Thanks to its Shadow Backup feature, Action Backup software properly deals with files that are opened in another application at the time the backup task is executed. As soon as such files become available, they are automatically added to the backup package. No actions from your side are required.

Works Automatically and Invisibly for You.

Action Backup takes little of your attention. Once set up, it proceeds with further backups 100% automatically. And thanks to exhilarating backup performance you’ll never notice slow downs and stuttering work of the computer even during intensive backup sessions.

Download Action Backup For Free.

With its vast range of features, Action Backup is seriously powerful yet easy to use. It performs equally well on a home PC and in a large corporate network. The choice is trivial: download Action Backup now or keep risking your data everyday. Yes, it’s $40. But aren’t your data cost more? Surely, they do. So grab the tool for free and evaluate it now!

Action Backup is a new software program for backing up files according to schedule Action Backup Standart

BUY a license for the Action Backup software $49.95 $39.95
      Action Backup is a new software program for backing up files according to schedule Action Backup Portable

BUY a license for the Action Backup software $49.95 $39.95
Program features

- Backup Task Manager. You control when backups are made.

- 3 types of backup (Full, Incremental, Differential);

- Flexible filters: backup what you need, ignore the rest;

- One copy is safe. Multiple copies are crash-proof;

- Unlimited size of backups thanks to support for ZIP64;

- Remote backup with a click;

- Easily backup files that are in use thanks to Shadow copy;

- Make your backups safe against hackers too;

- 24/7 backups even if nobody is logged in;

- Always know how the backup is going;

- Detailed logs for detailed control;

- Automatic power off;

- Enjoy faster backups thanks to managed level of compression;

- Automatic removal of obsolete backups;

- Mirror backup for easier recovery of data;

More details...

 - Simple and intuitive interface, easy configuration and use;

 - Wide range of backup features;

 - Creating data backups for ALL COMPUTERS IN THE NETWORK with JUST ONE copy of the program;

 - High performance rate and reliability of the backup procedure;

 - Low system requirements, low RAM usage;

 - FREE 24/7 technical support;

 - Updates are FREE for LIFETIME;

 - Constant support for our product now and in future, built-in help system;


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