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Feedback from our customers about the software.

Dear users, starting from version 2.3, the Action Backup software offers much more features while the procedures of creating and copying data backups have been optimized. You can already download and try the latest version of the Action Backup software for free. Download the Action Backup software.

 GogerFF [01/11/2016]

- Thanks for the great program. Convenient and intuitive taking into account that I've never used this kind of software before, it has everything I need as well. A good workhorse doing its job, installed, configured in five minutes and forgot till it's needed. Recommended!

 Michael [12/21/2015]

- Thanks for Action Backup! I've been looking for something like that for quite a while, tried a lot of similar stuff. Your program is the best, a great balance between easy-to-use and full-of-features. Thanks.

 Kevin [08/09/2015]

- Hello, I like your software quite a lot, I'm going to use it at home and in office. Thanks for the price - quite affordable for a regular user, for usability, and features - it's got everything I need!

 Adam [04/17/2015]

- Hello support. Thanks a lot for the program, tried it in our work. Very good tool - thanks again.

 George [02/02/2015]

- Hello. I tried your Action Backup and I really liked it. To my mind, the best backup solution. Keep it up!

 Alex [12/11/2014]

- Hello. I really like this Action Backup program of yours. I use it in my company and I am really happy with it - does its job quickly, effectively and reliably. Thanks.

 Jason [09/06/2014]

- Hello, support. Thanks for the Action Backup tool. It has everything necessary for comfortable work – I've got to tell you it's a pleasure using your program... Thanks.

 Gloria [07/24/2014]

- Greetings! I found the program in Google, before that I'd tried several products from other companies. Your software turned out to be the most convenient concerning its features and performance. Thank you!

 Kurt Fox [03/05/2014]

- Tried Action Backup - excellent! Everything works just right, every detail in the features is thought out, very user-friendly! I'll definitely recommend it to my friends!