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News about the Action Backup software, the overview of new software versions and features.

[05/28/2016] New Action Backup version 2.6 is released. Now it is possible to automatically remove previous and empty backups. Other implemented features: adding/excluding files by their attributes, controlling the data compression ratio during the backup procedure, configuring (editing) the list of files (by their extensions) that should not be compressed before adding them to a backup copy (to save time and system resources during the backup procedure) (see the detailed description of features...).

[10/15/2015] New Action Backup version 2.5 is released. The bug with the unavailability of the 15-day trial period on some WINDOWS 10,8,7 distribution packages is fixed. Now it is possible to specify paths to files and directories being backed up in backup tasks manually. The procedure of creating a backup copy in the zip format is optimized further.

[05/20/2015] New Action Backup version 2.4 is released. The procedure of creating an archive file (*.zip) while making a backup copy has been optimized, now data is archived 10 times faster than in the previous versions of the program. The bug with displaying the program icon in the tray is fixed.

[11/08/2014] Action Backup version 2.3 is officially released.

[08/09/2014] The BETA version of Action Backup 2.2 is released. Now it is possible to run the application as a Windows service and also to send a report on the results of its work to several e-mail addresses from the list.

[04/10/2014] The BETA version of Action Backup 2.1 is released. At the request from users who use Action Backup on netbooks, the interface of the new task window has been changed (to make it more comfortable to use it on low-resolution screens).

[12/26/2013] The BETA version of Action Backup 2.0 is released. Now it is possible to create full, incremental and differential backups, copy data via FTP, LAN, burn it to CDs/DVDs, send a notification that the backup procedure is completed via e-mail, check the server at for updates.

[06/12/2013] The BETA version of Action Backup 1.9 is released. Now it is possible to shut down the computer on timer or after the backup procedure is complete.

[01/07/2013] The BETA version of Action Backup 1.8 is released. The features for backing up data on schedule or right after the program is started are implemented.

[08/09/2012] The BETA version of Action Backup 1.7 is released. The basic backup features are implemented (adding, editing, deleting backup tasks, configuring the schedule of the backup procedure, etc.).