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Here Is How Action Backup Keeps Your Data Safe.

Backup Task Manager. You control when backups are made.

Your data can change at any rate. And so should do your backups. Once a week, once a day or at any specific time – Action Backup allows you to choose the preferred period the backup task is executed. Flexible schedule plus the ability to anchor the backing up process to specific applications gives you all the freedom you need to keep your data safe.

3 types of backup (Full, Incremental, Differential).

Action Backup gives you 3 backup options:

- Full Backup – a full backup of all files is created no matter if the files have been updated or not;

- Incremental Backup – add to backup all data changed since last Full or Incremental Backup;

- Differential Backup – create cumulative backups. A reasonable compromise between performance and security.

A detailed description of backup types…

Flexible filters: backup what you need, ignore the rest.

With Action Backup you can specify files and folders to backup. But more important, you can control what exact files should be included into the backup or excluded from it. Specify a wildcard filter or name the files explicitly – and never backup temporary files, duplicated documents and other files you simply don’t want to preserve.

One copy is safe. Multiple copies are crash-proof.

Too many system administrators lost important data for just one simple reason: they thought one backup copy is enough. The fact is: it is not. Get true security with Action Backup: create additional backup copies. Besides saving on an HDD, Action Backup can simultaneously copy a backup to an FTP server, to any number of remote network resources as well as record it on a CD/DVD. The best part is: everything is done automatically.

Unlimited size of backups thanks to support for ZIP64.

With the new ZIP64 format supported by Action Backup you are not limited in what files you can backup. Every data types need security, and Action Backup delivers it. Saving of large amounts of data (pictures, videos, audio files, databases, etc.) is not a problem now, and the size of backups is limited only by capacity of your storage.

Remote backup with a click.

What if you have hundreds of computers in the network? Installing a backup solution on each one of them is inacceptable, time consuming and simply nonsense! Forget tedious deployment of backup software across your network. With Action Backup you only need one copy of the program on one computer in the network. That’s just enough to backup files on all the rest computers in the LAN. No additional installations are needed. And importantly, the backup process remains as simple as for the local computer.

Easily backup files that are in use thanks to Shadow copy.

Do you need to back up your favorite music, videos, pictures or just important documents you are working with right now? No problem: the shadow copy feature integrated to Action Backup takes care of this. The program tracks documents currently in use and saves a backup copy as soon as the document is available. Sounds too complex? Not at all. The entire process is automatic and runs in the background totally without your intervention.

Make your backups safe against hackers too.

It goes without saying, backup data are crucial. That’s why you backed them up after all. However, your data are not 100% safe yet. Why? Because anyone can open the backup and recover any important data from it! To prevent unwanted data loss due to hacker attacks, it is a good idea to protect your backup copies with a strong password. Action Backup efficiently does this.

24/7 backups even if nobody is logged in.

With Action Backup Windows service you can run backups even if all users are logged off. The service silently runs in the background and performs backups 24/7. A perfect option for keeping corporate data safe.

Always know how the backup is going.

Things get more complex when the data being backed up are here, and you are there. Action Backup lets you know how the thing are going. The app auto-generates reports and sends them to a predefined e-mail keeping you informed on every bit of backup processing. Add more recipients at any time.

Detailed logs for detailed control.

Action Backup records every single step it takes during backing up your data. It records and saves all its actions chronologically in the event log, which is a must if you need to find the problem or see the details of the process. With Action Backup you are always in control.

Automatic power off.

After backup, Action Backup can turn off the computer on timer or after a backup task is completed. Sometimes, you just can’t be here when the backup process ends to turn off the computer yourself. Let Action Backup do this! Configure the timer, and the app automatically powers off the PC as long as all current backup tasks are finished.

Enjoy faster backups thanks to managed level of compression.

Managing the level of file compression allows to considerably increase the backup speed. Set zero compression for files that are already compressed (JPEG, PNG, AVI, ZIP, RAR), and high compression for text documents and uncompressed databases. Add conditional filters to exclude particular file names and/or types. Enjoy up to 5 times faster backup process! Or squeeze it all if the size matters a lot, and set the topmost compression level.

Automatic removal of obsolete backups.

Action Backup manages backups automatically not only in terms of creating, but also removing obsolete backup copies. Configure how long you would like to keep backups and let Action Backup do the rest. Or let the app decide when it is time to remove some older copies and set the maximum storage space Action Backup can take.

Mirror backup for easier recovery of data.

Mirror backup is a must if you want to preserve the folder structure of the backed data. And since you do want it in most cases, this option is on by default.